How Can I Help You?

Coaching takes people from good to great. Coaching is not for dysfunctional people. It is not there to heal the sick and wounded. It’s there to help people reach their higher callings and unlived lives.

I have five criteria that any client must meet:

  • My clients must be inspiring, or have an inspiring mission.
  • They must make, or be ready to make, a big impact in the world.
  • They must be fun.
  • They must bring along a challenge; I’m not looking for an easy ride.
  • And they must understand the power of commitment.

If you meet those five criteria, then here is my gift to you:

If you would like to experience a deep coaching conversation contact me. I will block out two hours for you for a powerful, life-changing coaching experience... me

Ego’s biggest trick is getting you to spend your entire lifetime looking outside yourself for something you already are.